About this item. Trangia gas burner fits in lower windshield of 25 or 27 series stoves as alternative to the spirit burner. Runs on standard butane cartridges. High efficiency, easy control. Boil Time: 3.5 min (1 liter) Fuel Type: Butane. Output: 2100 w. Weight: 8.11 oz. ›. The real answer is to bin the meths and get a gas converter, the Gosystem one is cheaper and basically the same as the official one. If you do you will never look back, it gives you the best of both worlds. Makes what is quite a slow stove faster than an electric kettle and much more controllable than meths. Outdoor Gas Stove Camping Stove Propane Refill Adapter Burner LPG Flat Cylinder tank Coupler Bottle Adapter Save Kit. New User Deal. US $10.54. 6 sold. 5 + Shipping: US $3.67. ... Stainless Steel Go System Adapt Gas Conversion Kit For Trangia Stove h8Y. US $17.96. 18 sold. 3.2 + Shipping: US $1.95.

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